Online Marriage Certificate

As per the Parliament law and Supreme Court rule in India, marriage ceremony should be registered in the register office under the marriage act of each religion – Hindu marriage act, Special marriage act, and foreign marriage act. By registration of marriage, the certificate is issued by the registrar to use the marriage certificate for many reasons.
When the technology is improved, every government registration, official works, and formalities brings into the online process. Similarly, marriage registration and marriage certificate are applied in the online. The online marriage certificate is so comfortable to receive the certificate easily for the parties to proceed for further use.
Eligibility for applying online marriage certificate
• The parties should cross the age of 21 for male and 18 for female.
• For applying online marriage certificate, the parties should need the documents among both parties.
• They should be married already to apply for an online marriage certificate.
• The parties must be living together and stayed in the place where they registered.
Benefits of Marriage Certificate
• Changing the surname of the spouse
• Women safety and rights
• Passport or visa obtaining
• Bank account opening
• Divorce applying case
• Id proof applying
• Abroad moving plans
• Legal child issues and more.